About the Marian Branch

RSL Marian Sub Branch was founded in 1946. The inaugural President of the sub branch was Reg Smith. The sub branch is located in an area that is known as the gate way to the Pioneer Valley, approximately 30 km west of Mackay. The sub branch serves the township of Marian and surrounding areas. Mackay Sugar’s ‘super mill’, Australia’s third largest sugar factory, is located in Marian.

The sub branch holds its meeting in the Marian Memorial Community Hall. The sub branch was actively involved in fundraising and organizational input to build the hall in the 1970s. The new hall is built on land once owned by the sub branch and on which was built the original home of the sub branch. The original meeting hall was donated to the Marian Scout Group and subsequently relocated to Reg Smith Park to make way for the new hall.

In the 1996, the sub branch, in conjunction with the Mirani Shire Council, embarked upon a project to establish a cenotaph in Blackmur Street, adjacent to the hall. ANZAC Place, as the precinct has become known, incorporates the cenotaph, a playground and sufficient space to conduct significant ceremonies such as ANZAC Day. The Cenotaph is built on land donated by the long established Paul family of Marian. A cairn on which is mounted a plaque, suitably inscribed, acknowledges the generosity of the Paul family. Frank Paul is currently a member of the Marian sub branch.

Marian is bordered by the sub branches of Walkerston / Pleystowe, North Eton, Mirani and Kuttabul.

Current membership stands at 23 members and one honorary member.

Four General Meetings per year are scheduled.

These meetings are held on an approximate quarterly basis. Meeting dates are set at each meeting and will vary from a strict quarterly basis to account for occasions such as ANZAC Day.

Normally meetings are scheduled for February, March, May, August and November.

The AGM is held at the February meeting.

Meetings are held in the Marian Community Hall, usually on a Sunday, commencing at 0900 hrs.

An annual end of year Christmas ‘break up function is held in conjunction with the Mirani Sub Branch.

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